Why Do Men Go Bald?

No man likes being bald. That’s a simple truth. It doesn’t really mean there’s something wrong with you or your health, but it could also mean there are some health issues making you lose your hair.

The baldness we know and we are talking about, found in men as they age, and even in young guys are actually due to a hormone called the dihydrotestosterone. Although it can be influenced by a few other factors too, the Main factor is the genetic factor or influence.

The hormone dihydrotestosterone is usually affected by Olds’ hairs first. They cause you to lose your old hair on your head and start replacing them with hairs that are not just good enough. They replace your old hair with short, weak, thin hairs and this is done in a particular pattern and a predictable manner.

Why Do Men Go Bald

The hair on the head usually starts at the forefront or temples of the head then goes all the way to the middle where the hair is least and it spreads back again. The bald head pattern looks like a W shaped pattern.

The scientist has been going very far to find the root of this baldness and researches have been made and are still being made trying to find new developments on baldness.

There was a study conducted in the year 2011 and it was found that baldness, that is the male pattern baldness now is actually caused the inability of the stem cells which are found in the scalp lose their ability to grow and transform into the type of cells required to make hair follicles.

This study brought out the fact that these stem cells usually lose this ability as men age although this loss is connected to the DHT hormone. Baldness as said earlier is mostly genetically transmitted from parents to offspring but mostly from the father as mothers don’t have the genes to transfer. This is the main reason for baldness.

How To Fight Baldness

In truth, there is hardly any treatment that can totally cure baldness when the process has begun. There are so many products in the market that aim at fighting baldness but most of them don’t actually work or they don’t act as effective as the makers and manufacturers claim it to be.

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Here are some things you can do to fight baldness:

Do Not Shampoo Your Hair

The shampoo is made for thoroughly cleaning your hair but what if your hair is not strong enough to deal with the strength of the shampoo. What if the strength of the shampoo that taking your hair out also.

The number one rule of people who have a high tendency to baldness, cut your hair as less frequently as possible, as a matter of fact, try not to cut at all and just shape it, cause whatever you are cutting you might not get back. Shampoo even cut hairs which are actually strong talk less of those which are not as strong.

Avoid Chemicals And Hot Oils

As said for the shampoo, there are chemicals that destroy the integrity of your hair and your scalp. Hair relaxers are the number one and hair dyes are the next in line.

Hair relaxers are made for cleaning and relaxing one’s hair but they are made from harsh strong chemicals that always get the job done but depending on the quality of your hair to keep them from spoiling your look and your hair.

Hair dyes are also made from chemicals that gradually reduce the integrity of your hair and scalp so over time you can start losing hair and this could lead to baldness so avoid these things.

Don’t Barb Hair Into Tight Styles And Conditions

Avoid hairstyles that drag your hair into a tight condition. The scalp isn’t strong enough to hold these hairs so dragging would mean you can easily start dragging them out of your head and they start falling out. Select the hairstyles you can barb and if you want to get stubborn you might end up not being able to even carry any hairstyle for the rest of your life.

Avoid Treating Hair Harshly

Your hair should be special to you. You need to make sure you treat your hair with care if not you would lose it. You should not try to towel dry your hair harshly or vigorously like every other person does, slowly and gently dry your hair so you don’t pull them out. Also combing your hair should be slow and soft too.

This is one way people lose hair fast. Many subconsciously comb their hair very fast, but it does not really matter, they have good hair. You have a bald hair, then it matters a lot. Don’t let others play with your hair roughly or hold you by it etc.

Consider Hair Transplant If You Already Lost Your Hair

Hair transplant is becoming very popular but mostly with women. Men also do hair transplant but some just wear the hair cap. It is so realistic but it could fall off and embarrass you.

Effect Of Baldness

Apart from the physical disadvantages of baldness it also had psychological effects too. The physical aspect of baldness affects your look, if the look is new you would find it quite hard to match your new look with your old confidence. You might start looking sick and you might start losing your old confidence and you need to find a way to start building a new one with your new look. Psychologically you just feel sorry for yourself as everybody keeps asking what happened or what went wrong.

This does a lot of breakdown to your confidence and you might end up needing a therapist if you let these things get to you. Baldness can occur at any age really. Whether as a teen or when you start clocking 35 or 45 but it usually starts with men at the age of 35.

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