All About the Two Block Haircut for Men

All About the Two Block Haircut for Men

The simple, yet masculine two block haircut is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. The cut is perfect for those who want to keep their hair short without having to deal with regular maintenance, like shaving.

It’s the ideal look for summer and it won’t get in your way when you’re at work or playing sports because there are no longer locks to mess up your day! What are you waiting for? Get the low down on the popular trend right here.

All About the Two Block Haircut for Men 2

What is the two block haircut?

The 2 block haircut is simply a type of short, classic men’s haircut that has no layering. The top is cut to form one solid shape with the sides (in this case it’s done with a bit of an extended taper).

The finish gives you slightly more length on top than the back and it will give off a nice shine and will have a natural part in the front although some barbers may choose not to include it. The buzzed sides are “block” shaped because they’re cut straight across at about 1/4″ in length.

If you want to switch up your look, even more, go for choppy or spiked tips! It’s another simple way to keep things looking sharp while keeping things low maintenance.

Where to get two block haircut?

If you want to try out the trend and keep your hair short this summer, know that there are barbershops all over the country that offer two block haircuts! Find a local shop and book in for an appointment. It’s quick, painless work that will leave you looking stylish.

How do you style your two block haircut?

A blow dryer works great with keeping the look sleek although it is possible to get away without using one. Once your hair is dry, use a pomade or even just some hairspray to tame down any unwanted hairs. This will make sure everything stays in place while also making sure your cut looks great from every angle.

Vegetable oils are also great for keeping your two block look in place if you like a little bit of shine. Just rub the oil into your hair and scalp once it’s dry and you’ll be good to go! Your head will also smell amazing.

If you want to keep everything looking fresh, try out some wax instead of pomade or hairspray. It gives more texture than either of those products does while keeping things under control. This is another one that smells great so even if you’re not an expert, you’ll get compliments from people who aren’t trying to grill you about your style choices!

What kind of clothes should I wear with my two block haircut?

This is a really simple hairstyle to wear and it goes with just about every outfit you’ll ever want to wear.

Don’t get fooled by the name, because this cut is perfect for any climate. Wear a suit or jeans, dress shirts or t-shirts–the two block haircut can do it all! It’s definitely a versatile look that can go well with anything you choose to throw on top of your freshly shaved head.

What is the history of the two block haircut?

The origins of the 2 block haircut are hard to trace but one thing’s for sure: this classic style will never be outdated! Even though we don’t know where it came from, we’re confident in saying that it will always be popular among men who have no problem taking care of their hair.

How do you make the two block haircut work for curly hair?

Curly hair can be a pain to get styled, but luckily there’s no need to worry about it when you’re rocking the two block cut! Just keep your curls close-clipped on top and let them grow out naturally on the sides.

If you want a bit of extra volume in your hair, volumizing cream is what you need! Rub some of the creams into your roots once they’re dry and then shake your head around until things settle down. This will give more height to this already short style and make sure that everything looks great all day long (and night).

Is there anyone who shouldn’t get a two block haircut?

This haircut is incredibly easy to style and it goes with all types of hair, so if you’re looking for something low maintenance but stylish while keeping things simple in the process, this just might be the right look for you!

Will I need a trim every time I get my two block haircut?

Nope! When your haircut is done your barber will keep the sides as short as they possibly can while still allowing things to grow out. Check back with them whenever you want a quick cleaning up–it’s usually good to do this about once every three weeks or so. You’ll never have to worry about getting your hair styled again after that; instead, focus on making sure you always look great no matter where it is you happen to be.

How can I prevent fraying on my two block haircut?

Styling products won’t help your hair grow any quicker, but they will make sure that your cut stays in great shape even after you’ve worn it for a few months straight.

If you’re struggling with breakage and unsightly split ends, just deep condition! You don’t always have to go straight from shower to salon chair if you don’t want to. Use a deep conditioning mask once or twice per week to keep things under control and looking great no matter where life takes you. This is also one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy at all times.

Types of two block haircut?

The two block cut is pretty standard with a few different variations. Here are some popular choices:

One length all around One length on top and buzzed underneath Sideburns, a tapered nape, and longer side pieces (great for men who want to show off their tattoos)

Which one should I pick? It’s totally up to you! Whichever style you choose will definitely work so there’s no need to worry about things not working out in the end. Take your time when deciding this look and have fun trying out new options while doing it! The key to choosing the right hairstyle for you is finding something that fits both your personality and lifestyle. You’ll be happy you took the time to find it once everything is said and done!

How to ask for a two block haircut?

Keep things simple!

Come in and sit down with your barber. Tell them you want to get a two block haircut and then have fun discussing what length will work for you the best. A good rule of thumb is to talk about it first so that you can avoid any awkward situations once you’re sitting down for your appointment. You want to be able to relax as much as possible during this time since getting your hair cut is generally pretty intense anyway!

Be sure to bring some photos with you so that they can show you exactly how everything will look before giving their final say on it all. Plus, showing off pictures of other people who already have the same style might help inspire them when they’re looking at different options for your hair.

If your barber suggests something that you’re not totally digging, be honest about it and tell them why! They’ll understand and thank you for the feedback in the end.

The whole point of going to a professional is getting professional advice. Don’t feel weird about asking questions or anything like that – just let things happen naturally while trying out lots of different ideas in the process. Changing one small thing can sometimes make all the difference between having a great haircut and having an epic one on top of everything else!

What price range to expect?

For something as simple as this, you should expect to spend anywhere from $15-$30 at first depending on where you go. This might seem expensive if you’re used to getting your hair cut on the cheap, but you’re definitely paying for quality with this! If anything, sacrificing a little bit to get started will save you lots of time and money in the long run.

If possible, shop around your town first to see what different shops are charging before making any decisions. This way you can find out exactly how much a two block haircut should cost at every single place that you visit. You’ll be able to narrow down your search a lot easier once you do this so don’t hesitate to jump right into the whole process early on.

Think about it like this: if getting the best means spending an extra $15-$20 per appointment over time, it’s going to be worth it once you look back at the end of things. Throw that money away on paying for bad haircuts instead of giving it to a professional barber who will make sure everything is spot on every time you visit! Once you try out this style and see how easy it is, your life might just become noticeably easier in general. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little control over something as important as looking good all the time – especially when trying out a fun new hairstyle like this one.

Once more, be positive about things throughout the whole process, and don’t forget to have fun while doing it. The way you feel about getting your hair cut can really help or hurt the entire experience so keep that in mind before going into any appointments at all! It’s only hair and you can always try something new next time so don’t stress it too much.

How to maintain two block haircut?

The good news is that you can get this look cut professionally without having to worry about trims every few weeks or getting it done in your bathroom. You may have to get the sides trimmed once a month, however (if anything), and new hair growth will start to peek through right away! Always remember that if you end up growing out your hair, it’s better to do so with professional upkeep than letting it grow on its own.

It’ll be much less of a hassle because your barber will know exactly what they are doing and where he/she needs to take things when your hair grows out a little bit since they’ve seen it all before. If you’re wondering how often you’ll have to find a new barber if you get this look, keep in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll need to switch up your barber more than once or twice every year.

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The two block haircut vs undercut

It’s important to remember that a two block haircut isn’t the same thing as an undercut hairstyle. The two are similar but they most certainly aren’t the same thing by any chance or stretch of the imagination! An undercut is all about having shaved sides and a fairly short top, while a two-block haircut focuses on having longer hair everywhere else (up top).

If you like both looks, it might be possible for you to try them both out in order to see what works best for your facial features better. Try things out and pay attention to what other guys are doing with their haircuts so you can come up with something new that fits you best. Remember: every guy has his own idea of looking good so don’t be afraid to experiment with stuff like this as time goes on.

The two block haircut vs fade

It’s also important to remember that a two block haircut is NOT the same thing as a fade. A fade can be either high or low and tends to focus more on having close cuts up top while hair fades in slowly as you go to the bottom of it (usually getting very short).

If you’re trying out different styles for yourself then this might help clear things up a bit better! It’s really easy to get these three styles mixed up if you’ve never heard of them before but hopefully, now you will know how they all differ from one another better than ever before!


We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the two-block haircut. If you’re looking for a new barber, we have some great recommendations that are sure to be able to cut your hair like never before.

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to answer any questions or provide more information on how they can help with cutting your hair in the future so don’t hesitate to let us know! Which hairstyle do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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