Straight Haircuts For Men

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Because of this new age and time, guys with straight hair can grow out tresses, while some styles are better left for the youngsters.

like the short comb over fade, most are for the everydaygentleman, try any of the following appearances to score major points on your appearance, and we hope you can find your own style within this list of the best male haircuts.

1-Undercut or a Fade

These are two haircuts in one, but you can decide to use them both or separate them, for instance, you can choose to apply fade alone or combine it with an undercut.

Fade haircut involves trimming and layering hair on the sides and while leaving the top, undercut on the other hand consists in shaving the sides and leaving the top of the head untouched.

It is merely because of it the ordinary haircut that is used by most people who will like to look simple but smart.

2-Hard Side Part

Hard side part gives your hair a dimensional and geometrical touch.

It is achieved by rocking the side parts, it involves combing the hair on the sides or the top then joining it by an undercut.

The undercut can include shaving the sides then separating the remaining hair with a natural hairline, you can combine this haircut with well-groomed beards to make you look rocking.

Initially, the haircut used to maintain a masculine and classic beauty, and it had room for experimenting, the haircut can be used for hiding baldness, but it is not advisable.

3-Slicked Back Cut

This haircut involves shaving the sides and the back of the head, the remaining hair on the top is slicked back.

It is an appealing haircut that you can spot from far, it can combine some undercut or fade thus making your head look rocking and stylish.

It works well with people who have voluminous hair, for better results, you can use slick back products like hair pomade or some types of gel.

4-Crop and Fade

Crop and fade is a stylish and tight haircut that makes you look young and rocking.

It is also a good haircut that gives you off vibes cleanliness and approachability, it is achieved by shaving your head in steps, the top of the head is left untouched while fading the sides.

The crop is matched with the beards for uniformity, Fade can be used to emphasize contrast, texture and the size of a hair on the top of your head.

5-Fringe Cut

The fringe cut looks like undercut and crop cut but is done by allowing the hair on the top of the head to overgrow.

Once it tall enough it slicked forward while keeping the sides of your hair short.

If you have short hair and you like this haircut, you can try a blunt fringe cut, this haircut is ideal for people with a broad face with big chicks that match with their head.

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