What is The Best Mens Hair Brush

Hair Brush for Mens

Finding the best hairbrush for men is an adventure, I know, because I have gone through it, most men do not worry about having their own hairbrush and use their partner’s hairbrush.

The ideal thing is to have your own brush for your hair, especially for your specific hair type.
Here I have prepared an article mainly to help you find the ideal hairbrush for you.

To answer this question you must first know what type of hair you have and the style of hair you want to look, remember that there are several types of hair and these can be very different from each other.

You also have to buy a brush with a positive relationship between quality and price and be satisfied with the purchase.

paddle brush for men

Some of the different types of brushes for men that I recommend are paddle brush, Vent Brush, round brush.

For straight hair or even a little curly, I recommend the paddle brush, this has a large size can comb more hair at the same time creating a hairstyle with uniformity.

But if you are going to use a hair dryer the best option would be the round brush because with this brush you can achieve a greater volume in your hair.

For men with the types of hair coiled or kinky the most suitable is a brush with slightly thicker bristles like the vent brush so that you can quickly see the results you are looking for.

Mens hair brush for short hair

If you have short hair the ideal is to use a brush with short bristles and together. So when you comb your hair you will maintain uniformity.

MENS brush for short hair

Brushes with very long bristles are not the best choice. these mostly have very separate bristles and this makes combing difficult.

Having short hair can be an advantage for you, because, to comb your hair you do not need to go crazy applying products to achieve the look you are looking for, with a bit of hair wax it may be enough, it will keep the hair and a look always fresh.

Mens hair round brush

If you want to dry your hair, you could do it with any brush, but to achieve the best result, it is best to use a round brush. This has an ergonomic design that can be rotated as the hair dries, facilitating drying and adding volume to the hair.

round brush for men

If you have long hair I recommend using a brush with a larger diameter so you can easily reach the center of your hair.

But, if you have short hair but long enough so that you can dry with a hairdryer, it is best to use a brush with a smaller diameter. So brush bristles can travel more freely under the hair.

Mens hair brush set

You could buy different brushes of different diameters and designs, to see which is the most suitable for your haircut, but that would be very tedious, what you can do is buy a set of hair brushes for men with different sizes and designs that make your life easier.

hair brush set for mens

I tell you this because every time I walked in front of a beauty supply I went in to see if I could get a suitable brush for myself, and after a while, I ended up having a lot of hair brushes that I never used.

If you can get a set of brushes that contain different models and sizes you would save a lot of time and especially a lot of money.

Mens hair brush for thin hair

I know it feels to see that your hair begins to change and it is not in a very positive way, it falls more than normal and they gradually lose the thickness they used to have, this is a frustrating thing.

soft hair brush for men

At this time you will not be able to use the same brushes that you used to use, because they could be harmful to your already weakened scalp.

I recommend that you try a softer cell brush that does not touch your skin so aggressively so they do not accelerate the fall of your hair.

Mens hair brushes natural bristles

You can immediately feel the difference between a brush with natural bristles and another with synthetic bristles, the difference is immense, the brushing with natural bristles is more pleasant protecting the skin of the scalp and preventing hair loss.

men brush natural bristles

Synthetic bristles tend to hurt your skin causing an acceleration in the fall of your hair, if you are looking for something with style, a brush with natural bristles and the wooden handle is the definition par excellence of the masculine style.

How to clean mens hair brush

Our hairbrush is accumulating waste through time, these can be our same hair that is falling, dust that comes from our own skin and body oil that is gradually adding to the brush.

To restore the life of our brush and improve the efficiency of the hairstyle I will show you the easiest and fastest way to clean your hairbrush.

clean mens hair brush 1

What are we going to need to clean our brush?

* A comb: preferably a comb with thick and strong bristles to prevent them from breaking when we clean our brush.

* Detergent for dishes: I recommend using a dish detergent because it is specially manufactured to remove grease and disinfect.

Now let’s see how we clean it in a simple and effective way:

Step # 1 Remove the dead hair

We firmly hold the hair brush of men and enter the comb vertically taking into account that the bristles of the comb are intertwined with the hair entangled in the brush, we repeat this procedure as many times as necessary across the entire surface of the brush.

clean mens hair brush 2

Then we do the same procedure but with the comb horizontally also covering the entire surface of the brush.

clean mens hair brush 3

Step # 2 Remove the grease and dust.

Once the brush is free of hair entangled in its cells, we are ready to clean it of dust and accumulated body fat.

clean mens hair brush 4

Spray the detergent on the entire surface of the brush and with our fingers, we continuously re-crush the bristles for about a minute until we see that the brush is already clean.

clean mens hair brush 5  clean mens hair brush 6

Step # 3 Dry the brush.

Then just dry it, take the hairbrush and gently shake it with a towel continuously until most of the water has left the brush, also if you have a hair dryer available you can use it at a medium temperature and thus accelerate the drying of the brush.

The result will be something like this: as we can see the brush is almost like new, now we can take full advantage of a hairstyle almost like the first day we bought the hairbrush.

clean mens hair brush 7


Mens hair brush for thick hair

Many men have the problem that their hair is getting thinner, believe me, this is a nightmare, but others are lucky that their hair is thick and plentiful, although this also creates a small problem that is finding the right brush to achieve that look you’re looking for.

thick bristle brush for men

If your hair type is thick I recommend you use a brush with thick bristles separated from each other, this will help you have a better, more uniform hairstyle.

Remember that if you use a brush with very soft bristles, these will not have enough strength to pass between your hair and thus be able to organize it in the position you want.

Mens hair brushes for sale

There are a lot of brush brands for men’s hair and each with different prices, some with ridiculously expensive prices and others at very affordable prices.

To find a good special or discount you have to become a price hunter if you are one of the people who like to physically see things before buying them I recommend that you look for beauty supply closest to your location and enter to see the offers they are offering.

Mens hair brushes sale

On the other hand you also have the option to buy it on the internet, this is a fantastic idea since you can see more varieties of hair brushes and read their reviews, reading the experiences that other people have had with their purchases you can find the best hair brush especially for your hair type or your hairstyle for an incredibly low price.

Men’s folding hair brush

Imagine that you go out for some activity with your friends and something unexpected happens that was not in the plans, maybe a very sharp breeze or someone accidentally touches your hair damaging your look, it is in a moment like that you realize that a folding hair brush is an excellent idea, believe me, these accidents happen more often than you imagine.

folding hair brush for men

Being cautious is never a bad idea, it is not that you walk around scared that someone is going to damage your hair, but if ever an accident of this type happens you will be ready to solve it.

Mens hair brush gift set

Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable gift for men, especially when you do not remember the size of shoes or the size of that person’s clothes, you can not call him and say: hey Mike (whatever his name is) could you tell me what size are you? That is crazy.

hair brush gift set FOR MEN

A perfect gift would be a mens hair brush gift set, you can give it away without having to know the sizes, it would be an innovative gift and very useful since the man always needs a good hairbrush or surely the brush that he currently has I’m already old.

Mens military style hairbrush

This brush with a particular design was born to be compact, its oval design without handle and traditionally made of wood with soft and natural bristles was perfect for storage in small places and very popular at the time of 1938.

military style hairbrush FOR MEN

Still in this era is a very popular hairbrush for its good efficiency in the hairstyle and for being a synonym of masculinity and style.

Mens pocket hair brush

This type of brush is almost imperceptible what makes it ideal to carry it in your pocket without anyone noticing.

pocket hair brush FOR MENS

Its bristles are thick, this makes it very resistant and ideal for almost any type of hair, although I recommend it especially for short hair since its bristles are not very long to comb with very efficient very long hair.

Mens plastic hair brush

Previously the hair brushes were made exclusively of wood, but as the technology was advancing man created new very malleable synthetic materials.

plastic hair brush FOR MENplastic hair brush FOR MEN 2

This type of materials has been very useful because they have made it possible to create brushes with more ergonomic and lighter designs.

This has also been reflected in the prices of hair brushes since these materials are cheap and easy to produce on a large scale making the brush manufacturers have very good profits.

Mens hair brush soft bristle

Finding a hairbrush with a perfect balance between hairstyle efficiency and soft bristles is almost impossible.

hair brush soft bristle FOR MEN

As the brush tends to have softer bristles, the quality of the hairstyle decreases a bit, although this also depends on the type of hair you have.

Soft bristles are great to protect you if you have delicate scalp, as it has a less aggressive contact with your skin prevents hair from falling out by the simple fact of combing.


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