Keratin Treatment For Men

Keratin Treatment For Men 1

If you’re not into the idea of wearing a hat or losing your hair, there is a way to save what you’ve got! Keratin treatments are designed for men with thick curly hair and can be done at home.

You only need to wear it for an hour while it sets so you don’t even have to leave the house.

The treatment saves your hair from breakage and makes it easier to style in whatever way you like. If this sounds like something that might work for you, check out our blog post on keratin treatments for men!

Keratin Treatment For Men 2

Is keratin good for men’s hair?

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Keratin is definitely a great treatment for men with thinning hair. It helps to give the strands extra strength but isn’t as much of a chemical procedure as the use of Minoxidil, which can also be useful in thicker hair that needs a boost.

However, Minoxidil can be an issue for men who are looking to keep a more natural look. Even though hair will appear thicker from the use of that medication, it’s not something that can be hidden via styling due to its visible nature when applied.

With Keratin treatment, one can extract all of the benefits without being noticed since it is really just a deep conditioning method that uses organic solutions to help strengthen each strand naturally.

How do you do a keratin treatment at home?

Follow instructions to do this treatment at home. To keep your hair tangle free and more manageable, use a wide-tooth comb to avoid tugging or harming your strands along the way.

1. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner.  It is a good idea to use one that has hydroxy acid or some other ingredient that is effective in removing buildup, which can be caused by the products you’ve been using beforehand.

2. Towel dry your hair and comb it away from the roots to distribute products evenly throughout the scalp.

3. Apply a deep penetrating conditioner, wait 5 minutes, then rinse out all traces of the conditioner with warm water.

4. Comb in one of our protein treatments – apply generously onto damp or towel dried hair by working through at least 1/2 inch away from the scalp  (you can also use heat to aid in penetration)  cover hair with a plastic cap or shower cap and allow protein treatment to sit for 10 minutes.  Disperse any product build-up, this will help the keratin treatment penetrate better!

5. Wrap your entire head in plastic wrap for at least 30 minutes or overnight.  (this helps the treatment to penetrate deep into your hair shaft.)

6. Rinse thoroughly, and style as usual. It is important to use products that protect against UV damage because this helps to prevent discoloration of the hair from chemical treatments such as keratin. It is also great for men who are experiencing thinning issues in addition to other benefits if used consistently!

What does a keratin treatment do for men?

Keratin treatment for men does two things. Firstly, the process helps with thinning hair by filling in gaps and rubbing out split ends; this action results in stronger more resilient strands that will improve the quality of life for any man.

At times, treatments like Minoxidil may be needed to offer a thorough solution that works quickly.

Secondly, Keratin is an effective deep conditioning method for men who either naturally have too much oil or grease build up on their scalp or want protection from damaging environmental agents such as secondhand smoke and frequent use of irritating shampoo-strips like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate).

How long does keratin last?

If your hair is prone to getting greasy quickly, it’s a good idea to get it done every 4-6 months in order for the treatment to be effective.

Certain hair types may have a keratin reaction that lasts up to 8 weeks while others might not need the maintenance as much and would then only need a treatment up once every 6 months.

If you’re unsure of how often you should go in for treatments, having a consult with your stylist or hairdresser will work wonderfully! They’re able to identify the state of your hair and give you guidance on a frequency that will ensure that you’re getting what works best for what your hair needs.

How does a keratin treatment work?

A keratin treatment is applied to clean hair that’s been washed and dried prior to your visit to the salon.

It’s completely safe to do on its own without any other services done (such as coloring or waxing) since like we mentioned above, it only acts as a deep conditioner and will not have any adverse effects if you decide not to get it styled afterward.

What is it made of?

It uses organic ingredients such as protein from wheat/rice/soy and natural oils which leaves no harmful chemicals behind; in fact, the repair medication actually works best with clean hair because of how healthy it is for your scalp.

There are other hair treatments that use proteins to help strengthen but this treatment protocol uses them in a way to pull out damaging agents from the interior of your strands via extraction. The end result is a full and healthy head of hair!

Will it make my hair go straight?

No, no matter what products you use or how they’re applied (heat/no heat) your hair will never truly be “straight” when using Keratin.

This treatment works by removing damaged protein and replacing it with healthier ones so while some people might see an immediate “Straight-effect”, their locks will only last up to 4 weeks if untreated before reverting back to their natural state again.

Is keratin good for thin hair men?

Keratin is actually an effective deep conditioning method for men who are looking to build a healthy head of hair or fix the issues they might be having with thinning hair. It works by removing any protein that may be weakening them and adding new, healthier ones- this process will make your follicles stronger thus making your chances of losing more strands less likely.

If you’re looking to buy Keratin treatments for thinning hair, it’s important to schedule consults with both your stylist as well as hairdressers because different professionals know what’s best depending on the condition of the person’s hair. There are certain styles that require maintenance so it becomes crucial to have someone who knows what they’re doing apply the medication every six months or so.

How do I care for my hair during and after treatment?

Now that you’ve had a keratin treatment or two done, it’s important to know how to maintain your hair in order to ensure that your treatments work properly and give the longest lasting effects possible!

Your stylist will let you know what products would be best for you if they’re not included in the package when purchasing (we always do this since no two heads of hair are alike) but below is an example list of things which keep your locks looking fabulous:

Try using sulfate-free shampoos ( Always ask your hairdresser or stylist before buying one!) Apply deep conditioners weekly Wear hats or protective styles when exposed to the sun Avoid brushing your hair too harshly Use a wide tooth comb when styling your hair or detangling

How often should I get my Keratin treatments done?

Hair and scalp types differ from individual to individual, so it’s difficult for us to give you an exact number since how frequently you need maintenance depends on the state of your locks.  We suggest that you ask your stylist during your first visit about what would be the best frequency just for you if this is something that interests you!

Can I use other hair products in between treatments?

Yes! It’s important to note that while keratin is applied as a deep conditioner, it also acts as a protein treatment due to the materials used in each application. If you decide to have your hair straightened at home, use heat or go out and expose it to the sun, make sure you’re using a protein-based shampoo and conditioner. This will help ensure that your strands keep their strength!

You should also consider using products that protect against UV damage (such as Mary Jean’s Sun Care line) because this helps to prevent discoloration of the hair from chemical treatments such as keratin.  It is also great for men who are experiencing thinning issues in addition to other benefits if used consistently!

What are the side effects of keratin treatment?

It is effective in restoring hair that’s become damaged and breaking off. The treatment will also fade the color of the hair as well as adding a glossy touch to it. Its side effects are not accurate, but keratin contains wheat protein which can lead to an allergic reaction.

People with sensitive skin may experience itching, swelling, or redness at the site of application. This can happen when there is a hypersensitivity or allergy to proteins found in wheat, like keratin, which can trigger conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. Events like these are more likely among people who have already experienced allergies to other products derived from wheat.

It is also common for those treated on scalps (as opposed to other parts of their body) to experience swelling and irritation. This is due to the scalp’s sensitive nature coupled with chemicals that are too strong. If there are reddened bumps on the site of the application, you should get in touch with your doctor right away.

The itching caused by keratin treatment can be so bad it leads some people to dilate their pores or shave their heads, causing hair loss.

These side effects don’t usually happen because the procedure is conducted by professionals who have experience applying these items and who know how to avoid any untoward results.

If you have a history of severe reactions or allergies to keratin or wheat, please refrain from the treatment completely since it will not be suitable for your skin type.

If you have been sensitive in the past, it may be best to ask your doctor if he/she recommends trying other types of treatments such as relaxers with no formaldehyde instead.

How much does keratin cost?

The cost of a keratin treatment is determined by the size of your head, length, and condition of your hair. It ranges from $150 to $450 depending on whether you go to an independent stylist or salon for it.

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