How to Thicken Hair Men

Having long hair for men and even for women is a thing of pride. Many possess it naturally so they can feel the comfort and stress-free nature of natural hair. Others easily acquire thick hair even when they are not born with it. Some try their best but still acquire and some just don’t get lucky and never acquire them at all.

For many thicknesses of the hair is just a dream. It’s actually very possible for the thick hair you once had to become very thin and you even start to lose them. Just as, in the presence of some factors, your hair thrives. In the presence of others they don’t, as a matter of fact, they die.

Usually, loss of hair integrity is what usually leads to the confidence destroying baldness. Baldness has been known to be a dent in both physical and psychological ways. Physically, you might begin to look self-appealing or maybe the signs are new and people might start thinking you are not looking as good or cool as you used to be. As earlier said having thin hair could lead to baldness if ignored or not properly taken care of.

how to thicken hair men

Ways To Get Thicker Hair

Here are a few ways to get thicker hair:

Use Natural Products

There are many synthetic products on the market. They have literally promised heaven and earth to you and your hair. Promised you things like thicker fuller hair in a week, or better and long hair in a week. These products end up destroying the little integrity your poor hair has left. Making them start cutting or you can’t even brush them anymore or you can’t even towel dab them.

When buying hair products to increase your hair condition, try and make sure they are not going to worsen the case by first looking at reviews online. Never listen to reviews from the sellers of the products. They are just saying anything to get you to buy the product that is selling. Listen to what other users who have used this product had to say about it and decide which would be best for you.

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Make sure you are getting stuff that is organic, be sure to check the constituent and of the products and make sure there are no parabens or aluminum or any other products you should be avoiding. Natural products hardly have any side effects that you should be afraid of. It is true that they might take a longer time to act because they do the job slowly but with a lot more quality.

Synthetic and chemical products on the other hand probably might have been made by a mad scientist and begin working in a quick as 3 days but in the long run, you might get devastating side effects that would break you and your confidence totally.

Use A Thickening Shampoo

Using thickening shampoos is also another option to consider. They contain constituents that directly feed your hair and scalp the exact nutrients needed for it to be fully functional and your hair fuller than it used it be. Using a thickening shampoo is simply washing out the dirt in the hair whilst adding those nutrients required by the hair for growth and strength.

You have to also make sure the shampoo was not made by a mad scientist and it is made from organic and quality products which of course have no side effects or cause reactions that would be detrimental to your hair.

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Limit Combing And Brushing

Only strongly and tightly rotted hair can withstand combing and brushing. If your hair has lost its integrity and strength the last thing you need is to comb and brush the hair. This might be detrimental because, you might end up pulling out the hair and remember, you want to try and keep as much of the hair you can keep. It’s only when your hair is more than you can thicken it. Try not to comb too often and try to be really gentle and careful while you comb.

Blow Drying

This is a very tricky one because it can be both good and bad for the hair especially when thickening is concerned. Blow drying your hair makes your hair look fuller than it actually is, but blow-drying for a long period of time or at a high temperature could destroy the integrity of the hair. The hair needs proteins to grow well.

These proteins can die off in a process called denaturing. Your hair needs these proteins to grow well and as a matter of fact, they feed off these proteins. In the absence, the hair has nothing to feed off so it dies off. Make sure you are using the right temperature when blow-drying your hair so you don’t destroy the integrity of the hair.

Quit The Smoking Habit

Yes as crazy as it sounds, you might have to choose between your beloved smoking or your cute hair. According to science, there are hormones in your body that increase hair loss and also reduce them. Smoking, although can have a few benefits, it actually increases the level of the hormones that cause hairless. So follow a chain reaction or rather a chain of events. Smoking leads to an increase if hair loss hormones, which leads to hair thinning, which leads to hair loss and eventually baldness.

Women who are even more naturally prone to longer and better hair lose their hair once they have started smoking, it is no coincidence. Another theory or rather, fact about smoking and hair loss or hair thinning is the fact that it actually constricts the blood vessel that actually carries blood filled with essential nutrients to the scalp so as to keep the scalp healthy. Since the scalp is starved there is hardly any way the hair can grow well because it is via the scalp that nutrients get to the hair to nourish them. Smoking in general hardly has any good these days.

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