How to Straighten Men’s Hair?

Straighten Men's Hair ft

If need to straighten your hair, and you can not get out of your mind the question How to Straighten Men’s Hair? Here we show you several methods that you can use, these methods can be divided into temporary, using a flat iron to achieve straightened strands, and Semi-permanent methods, using relaxers to chemically straighten the hair.

1). Using a flattening Iron:

Using this method, first, wash and condition the hair using a clarifying shampoo and smoothening conditioner to assist with the straightening process.

Dry the hair to avoid heat damage before using the flat iron, apply a heat protection serum into your strands, straight from the tips to roots, the hair serum for men’s protects the hair from heat damages, flat iron and comb the hair, the iron should be at 248 F to avoid damaging the hair, use extra light tension to avoid pulling your hair out.

Flat iron all sections until your hair are all straight, if done well, the hair will be straight without curls or waves, don’t leave a flat iron on your hair for over 2 seconds.

Comb the hair to style, apply a styling gel for the hair to lay in a certain way.

2). Chemically Straitening The Hair:

Do not shampoo the hair for up to 2 days leading to the treatment, this can cause your scalp to burn when a relaxer is applied, however, one can still comb the hair, when starting off, wear rubber gloves to caution the skin from the relaxer chemicals.

Apply a petroleum jelly to the scalp, this acts as a protection and prevents the treatment from burning, at this point, one may also need to put on a smock to avoid getting the relaxer on your clothing, apply the treatment with an application sponge, begin at the ends moving down to the edges and roots.

Leave the treatment on your hair for up to 12 minutes, if you feel any excess irritation, wash the treatment out of the hair with a clarifying shampoo.

Shampoo the hair using a clarifying shampoo because it is the kind that will wash the treatment out, on average, the treatment will keep the hair straight for up to 8 weeks.

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