How to Stop Men’s Hair Going Wavy

How to Stop Men's Hair Going Wavy

Men with curly, wavy hair often find it incredibly difficult to maintain a sleek hairstyle and this is often due to a lack of understanding of how to keep their mane under control. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks in order for you to stop your mane from going wavy! Let’s get started.

How to Stop Men's Hair Going Wavy 2

1. Don’t use too much product in your hair

Plenty of men who have wavy or curly hair use a significant amount of product on their hair in an attempt to get it under control. This is the wrong approach as using too much product will weigh down your hair, giving the impression that you have had your mane gelled to oblivion. You want your curls to be natural looking, not like you’ve spent the last 2 hours in a salon. This is achieved by using just enough product to give your hair some texture and shape.

2. Make sure to wash/shampoo your hair every second day

This may sound a little bit excessive to some people, but by washing your hair every second day, you will allow the natural oils to be redistributed around your hair. This is great as it means that you won’t have a greasy head of hair on those days in between washes!

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3. Use a comb to brush out waves before you even start styling it

If you find that your hair is growing wavy throughout the day, this can be due to brushing it out with a comb. Start by combing your hair and making sure that the waves are completely taken care of before you start styling it. This will prevent you from waking up the next morning with a head full of waves!

4. Apply some light hair balm to the front of your hair

If your hair is particularly wavy in the front, apply some light hair balm to the area. This will give you a subtle wave and work wonders when combined with some pomade for short back and sides!

5. Wear a hat

If you’re not going to be able to style your hair for the day, or just want an easy way of getting rid of some waves! If you find that your hair has grown wavy or curly overnight, simply wear a hat to tame it down again! This is great as it means that you can get on with the rest of your day and style your hair in the evening when you have some more time. Alternatively, throw on a man bun if you can’t be bothered to style your hair!

6. Using a texturizing spray

try using a texturizing spray on wet hair, then blow-drying with fingers instead of a round brush – this should give more texture and stop any waviness without having to resort to the product.

7. Use pomade or wax for the short back and sides

If you want to get a wavy hairstyle for the short back and sides, simply use some pomade or wax. This will give your hair some hold so that it doesn’t go flat throughout the day!

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8. Get regular trims

This will help prevent split ends which can make your hair go wavy and thinner over time. If you already have wavy hair, it will be best to go for a buzz cut as this will give your hair some much-needed volume.

9. Use hairspray

If all else fails, use hairspray! but only on dry, styled locks as it’ll weigh down your natural curls when applied on damp strands (and also avoid products that contain alcohol)

10. Use a flat iron with an anti-frizz product

If everything has failed and your hair is completely uncontrollable, invest in a good quality flat iron that is suitable for curly or wavy hair. Consider using anti-frizz products as well to help maintain that sleek look.

If you follow this advice then your curls should be tamed no problem! As I mentioned above, some men spend way too much time trying to get their hair under control and this is often due to a lack of understanding. If you have wavy or curly hair, then follow these simple steps in order for your curls to look amazing!

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What are your tips for keeping curly hair sleek? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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