How to Make Men’s Straight Hair Wavy

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If you have had straight hair for a while, you can sometimes get the feeling that it may have become uninteresting, wavy hair will give your hair extra movement in addition to making it look fuller, try making your straight hair wavy using the following steps, and finally find the answer to your question: how to make men’s straight hair wavy?

Straight to Hair Wavy

Use a curling iron that has a medium sized barrel to insert your waves, using a large barreled curling is not advisable since it will not effectively hold the waves.

Curl small chunks at a time, work through the hair, curling the chunks, continue curling the hair, putting down the hair which has been pinned.

Do not comb through the curls, finish with hairspray to cover your hair, careful not to overdo it too much will make the hair to look crunchy.

Straight To Wavy Hair Men

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