How to Make Men’s Straight Hair Curly

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Men's Hair Curly

Every time, more people wonder how to make men’s straight hair curly, we understand, naturally, curly hair men are often lively and stylish, making it very desirable, one can use the following methods to achieve a curl:

a). Use of hair gels.

gel men hair

One way to accomplish a curl is with a hair gel, using the right quantity of gel and applying it to clean hair will help you to curl it up·

After cleaning the hair, apply a gel, rub your fingers through the hair, straight from the forehead backward.

With limited time, try to just run your hand through the hair quickly in order to get it close together in a curly looking position.

b). Treat with Moroccan oil.

moroccan oil hai men

Another way of curling the hair naturally is using a natural oil that will moisturize in addition to give a curl to your hair, after applying the treatment, cover the hair using a tight fitting bald cap or do rag, coconut oil and Olive oil are also good food based products that can help keep the hair curly and moisturized.

c). A Texturizer.

men hair Texturizer

Texturizing treatment is good for men, if you have a curl, one is able to reinforce it with the texturizer, if you have no curl, it can assist to create it.


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