How to Improve Hair Quality Male

How to Improve Hair Quality Male

Men’s with thinning hair know that hair quality is a top priority. The most important thing to do for improving the condition of your hair is to get expert advice from a professional or find out what you can do at home to help improve it.

This blog post will offer some tips on how you can quickly improve the look and feel of your male pattern baldness by making changes in your diet, using topical treatments, or shampoos.

These simple solutions are perfect for men who want an effective way of dealing with the issue without having to go through extensive treatment procedures such as surgery or laser therapy.

There’s hope!

How to Improve Hair Quality Male 2

1-Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner

Basic Shampoos will not thicken your hair yet alone giving it a healthier look. In order to achieve these goals, you need specialized shampoos and conditioners like Pura D’or biotin original gold label.

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How they work?

Shampoos like these have active ingredients that rebuild damaged hair structure from the inside. The key to thickening your hair is by using a thicker shampoo.

The problem with most shampoos on the market is that they contain harsh chemicals that strip out all of the good nutrients from your hair.  This will cause it to dry out and fall out, not grow back stronger.

2-Avoid the sun as much as possible

UV rays are harmful to your hair, they’ll fry it easily and weaken it. So avoid direct sunlight as much as you can when exposing yourself to its powerful UV rays.

The thin hair needs more protection from the sun than other types of hair because it is easily damaged by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Some people think that getting a suntan will make your hair thicker, but this is not true.

There is a temporary effect of darkening your skin by exposure to UV light, but this doesn’t apply to your hairs.

3-Apply a leave-in conditioner

Some of the best shampoos for hair growth will make your hair look healthy and thick. However, it won’t actually affect how long you’ll grow your hair or the density of each strand as it grows out. This means that you can use a leave-in conditioner to further strengthen and protect your hair from future damage.

4-Brush it out before you wash it

Brushing your hair before you wash it is an important step in maintaining a healthy head of hair. Brushing out the tangles helps distribute the sebum and keeps your scalp’s natural cleaning process working as it should. If you have trouble with oily roots, try using a dry shampoo to soak up oil between washes.

5-Get regular haircuts that are tailored to your hair type

There’s nothing wrong with getting a regular haircut, and that is one of the most important reasons why you should.

The thing about short haircuts for men is that it doesn’t give your hair too much time to grow out. This will increase its density as a result. For example, if you always have medium length hairstyles, then try changing it up and go for something shorter like this buzz cut.

6-Avoid using styling products that contain alcohol or sulfates

Alcohol and sulfates are a common ingredients in styling products for men because they make the hair look shiny. However, these ingredients don’t do much for improving the quality of your hair. Although you still may be able to achieve that glossy clean-cut look by using them on a regular basis.

They will strip away essential oils from your scalp with every application which may lead to dryness, frizziness and an overall bad condition. So if there is one thing you should stop doing today, it’s to avoid any kind of product containing them. Let your hair breathe!

7-Wash your hair with cold water

Hot water strips your hair off of its natural hydration. Hydration is essential for keeping it from drying out and preventing it from becoming weak or brittle, which can cause the shaft to break under pressure.

Coldwater on the other hand, helps reinforce the hair’s structure by encouraging the cuticle layer to coil tightly together, helping create a protective barrier against heat styling tools and UV rays.

By washing with cold water you’ll also help reduce inflammation in your scalp which will ultimately encourage hair growth.

8-Avoid wearing hats or beanies all of the time

This is the last thing I’ll share with you that will help improve hair growth for men. The solution to getting better looking, more volume, and thicker hair are this:

You should simply stop wearing hats altogether if you don’t have to because it has an adverse effect on your scalp’s natural self-renewing process.

It does a really good job of preventing exposure to UV rays but keeping your head covered all of the time can severely affect your body’s ability to produce new hair cells from existing ones as well as making them stronger.

By covering your head, you effectively block out light from entering through one of the biggest receptors in our bodies which regulate cell production called melanocytes. Essentially, they prevent old cells from being used to grow new ones and they inhibit hair growth by stopping the natural production process in your scalp.

9-Do not use heated styling tools too frequently

The way you maintain your hair can make all the difference. In fact, using a blow dryer too often will only cause more damage and lead to severe breakage by damaging the cuticle layer which is the outermost part of your hair that protects it.

This can be prevented by using thermal protection products or simply switching to air drying methods like this one here!

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10-Don’t rub your hair as if it was a towel

Never rub wet strands of hair vigorously. If you can help it, avoid doing this altogether. This will only aggravate the follicles that are already weak and damaged so much that they won’t be able to regrow hair.

11-Find the right shampoo for your hair type

When choosing a shampoo for your hair, make sure it’s specially formulated for your specific type.

For example, if you have thin or fine hair then stay away from shampoos that are meant to clean thick and coarse hair because they will not be suitable for your own hair type.

Also, if you have dry, frizzy, or curly locks, use moisturizing shampoos instead of ones that are specifically formulated for oily hair types because they will weigh down the natural volume of your tresses.

12-Eat foods rich in zinc and selenium

Zinc and selenium are minerals that help with healthier hair growth. You can find them in foods like eggs, spinach, nuts, beef liver, turkey, lobster, and cheese.

Also, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, losing weight, and getting enough sleep to prevent further hair loss.

13-Get plenty of exercise

Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every day will help you both mentally and physically.

Exercising improves circulation and releases endorphins which make you feel happier so this can also have an impact on the rate of hair growth right at the root.

The production process of hair is dependent on a healthy blood flow to the follicles that encourages them to regenerate faster than usual.

14-take supplements to improve blood circulation like biotin

Biotin is a B complex vitamin that can do wonders for your hair health.

It works by encouraging the growth of new cells allowing you to regrow lost strands faster than normal or preventing the loss of existing ones.

It also keeps the scalp’s natural oils in check and keeps them from being reabsorbed into your follicles, which helps keep them hydrated.

15-Consult a dermatologist or an endocrinologist

If you are male, then you should also consider consulting a dermatologist or an endocrinologist about hormone therapy options including minoxidil, spironolactone, and finasteride if your hair loss is caused by hormonal imbalance.

16-Use tea tree oil as a natural hair loss treatment

Tea tree oil can be taken internally as an oral supplement or its oils applied topically to the scalp. It is a natural antiseptic and increases blood flow making you shed the old cells faster than usual, promoting new hair growth in the process.

It also contains antioxidants that keep your existing hair follicles free of dandruff and other possible pollutants which will further accelerate cell production.

17-Increase Vitamin E intake

Taking vitamin E supplements can improve the quality of your hair by improving blood circulation around your scalp where most of your follicles are located.

They will then receive more nutrients to encourage them to grow at an accelerated pace so you’ll see some nice results after just a few months!

Just make sure that you don’t take vitamin E too close to your bedtime because it can make you drowsy or affect the effectiveness of morning medications.

18-use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair and minimize shedding

Shedding fewer strands will help to reduce the loss of roots and promote the growth of new ones in their place.

It will also minimize breakage which is a factor that contributes hugely to excessive hair loss.

19-Try to reduce stress source

Reduce stress source by practicing a form of relaxation like meditation, having a cup of tea, or spending some time with loved ones.

20-Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp with natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil. You can mix one drop of lavender essential oil into the olive oil and massage it into the scalp for 10 minutes.

21-Make sure that you’re not allergic to any ingredients

If you notice that your hair starts falling after a week of washing it on daily basis then first make sure that its not because of some sort of an allergy to any ingredient or chemically added in the shampoo.

Stopping this type of over-washing will actually help improve hair quality, making it grow back thicker and stronger than before.

22-Have patience

Of course, everyone wants instant results but sometimes we have to wait a little while longer before hair growth has started improving.

Hair takes anywhere between 2-6 months to improve after giving up bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, and other things like air pollution so try not to give up too soon!


So here is the list of 22 different tips that you can try for improving your hair quality.

Hope it was helpful guys. Do let me know if I missed anything or could have been added in the list.

I am always open to adding more healthy tips for everyone. Keep sharing your comments and subscribe to my blog for further updates!

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