How to Get The Long Messy Hair Look Guys

This hairstyle is perfect for those who are looking to experiment with their look but want to avoid cutting or dyeing their locks too drastically. Long hairstyles can be a great way to spice up your appearance while keeping your natural texture and color intact!

To execute this stylish look, we recommend looking for a long hairstyle with natural layers. This style will allow you to sweep your hair back in the front and leave small sections out in the back. This will help extend your length while giving off that messy appearance!

By keeping your locks at shoulder length or longer you’ll be able to achieve this look with ease. You’ll save yourself so much time every morning that you didn’t have to spend trying to style your hair!

How to Get The Long Messy Hair Look Guys 2

For added volume and texture we recommend using a mousse or pomade on damp hair. Make sure to flip your head upside down when applying the product!  This will help add in some lift and volume to your tresses, giving even more of that messy look.

For styling purposes, I recommend using a good hairdryer for this style. You’ll want to make sure you have the heat on low and keep it moving around throughout your hair until all locks are dried completely!  Be sure to use a round brush (the one with the metal, rounded teeth) and separate your locks into 3 sections to get the desired look!

For a sleeked back appearance you’ll want to use some product on your palms and run them through each section of hair, then comb it through. This will create that smooth finish while still keeping its’ messy appeal!  So for all you men out there looking for a new style to spice up your appearance, this is it!

You don’t have to do anything drastic with your locks, just add in some cool layers and texture into them and you’ve got yourself the perfect hairstyle for figuring out what lies ahead this summer season!

Get The Long Messy Hair Look Step by Step

1. Start off with a blowout

If you have straight hair, blow-drying it isn’t exactly the most difficult thing to do, but if your mane is a little more curly than usual or tends to frizz this step might be slightly more challenging. Just make sure that you use a large round brush as opposed to using a flat iron or hot iron to get rid of any kinks in your hair. If you can, let your locks dry overnight to keep the natural bounce and volume of your waves intact.

2. Apply dry shampoo to your roots and scalp to add volume

Most men are content with their hair staying in one place, but if you want a little extra height to be sure to rough up your mane before adding any styling products. You can also take it a step further by trying some strands of hair back or teasing them slightly at the roots for an even more dramatic look.

3. Brush out the top layer of hair, then apply a texturizing spray for some hold

You might not need a large amount of styling product when your hair is as long as it is, but if you want to keep the locks at their peak use wax or hairspray. If you have curly locks that want to curl up into little ringlets, be sure to brush them out beforehand so they’re easier to manage.

4. Use a curling wand on the ends of your hair for more curl and texture

One of the best ways to keep your long hair looking amazing is to add some curly ends. Curls will help give your mane more bounce and improve its overall appearance immensely. To further inspire curls, be sure to incorporate a texturizing spray into your routine.

5. Finish up by spritzing your locks with hairspray!

If you’re happy with your look, but want to keep it in place for a while, be sure to use some hairspray. Just make sure that the product you choose has a light-hold so that your style doesn’t become too stiff. Most men will benefit from using a styling cream or wax in addition to hair spray.

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