How to Deal With Thick Hair Guys

How to Deal With Thick Hair Guys

Dealing with thick hair is not easy. You have to be careful about the products you use as well as how often you wash them because if not done right, your hair could become greasy and start to look like a mess. It’s important that you know how to properly take care of your mane.

We’ve put together some tips on maintaining thick haired men so they can keep their heads high in confidence!

How to Deal With Thick Hair Guys 2

Keep it clean and always re-style

Ruling number one when dealing with thick hair is to wash regularly, but not too often. This can damage the cuticle of your hair so stick to washing it once a day or every other day. Try a shampoo that’s specifically made for men because they are likely to be thicker than regular shampoos. There are several brands that have thick hair shampoos so make sure you read reviews before buying to avoid disappointment. After washing, dry using a t-shirt as opposed to a towel because the friction could damage your hair.

Use a comb and brush

While drying, use a comb and brush it in order to get rid of any tangles that were caused by washing it. While brushing, try to be gentle on your thick hair as over brushing makes it more prone to damage. Use a moisturizing conditioner and brush with the opposite direction of your natural hair growth after you’ve dried it with the t-shirt. This step is very important because it helps avoid any tangles that were caused by washing and helps keep your hair maintain its natural style without having to rely on constant styling that could damage it.

Be very careful about the products you use on your thick hair. Unlike thin hair, thicker varieties are more sensitive so be sure you know what ingredients you should avoid like alcohol.  They can make your mane look frizzy and messy.

Manage it with the right tools

You may not need to shower as often as you would if you had thin hair, but using a thickening shampoo can make your hair look thicker and fuller when in fact, it’s actually not. This shampoo is designed to give your mane volume through mild buildup so don’t use it too frequently as it can come off as too thick.

Having thick hair means you need to use the right products for it, such as mousse and gel. While these may not give your hair more volume, they will keep it in place lessening how often you have to restyle it throughout the day. A styling cream that contains beeswax will help give you a natural shine as well. As mentioned above, remember that using too many products can damage your hair, so make sure you only use them every other day or for special occasions.

When it comes time to pick the best hairstyle for your thick hair, keep in mind your personality. Go with something timeless and classic that will compliment your character. It will make you look more confident and maintain a professional image without having to use any styling products throughout the day.

This also means you have to be extra careful about temperature when it comes to choosing between cuts or the color of your hair. If you’re scheduled for a new haircut and know it’s going to be thick, avoid getting it cut while it’s wet because it’s softer when dry. When coloring, try to go for a bolder look as trends change and you don’t want to be stuck with something that could make your hair look thinner than it is.

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Invest in quality hair shampoo and conditioner.

You can use these weekly to apply more moisture and texture to your thicker hair.

If you have thick hair, you know that it requires more work than others in order for it to look neat throughout the day. But if kept properly maintained, your mane could become a fixture on the heads of those around you!

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Apply a volumizing mousse or spray

A volumizing mousse or spray is another way to give your hair volume without weighing it down while keeping its thickness. A lot of people who have thick hair like to use pomades and hair waxes because they can style their mane easily into any shape without it falling flat. These products also give your hair a shine that makes it look healthier than you really have while keeping its thickness intact. As for haircuts, go for long ones that are layered around the face and shoulders with a shorter length at the neckline to give yourself more volume and style.

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Use a pomade or hair wax

Pomade and hair wax is ideal for thick, curly hair as they can help tame your mane and keep it in place. It works by coating the strands of your hair so it can separate them making it look less clumpy and giving you a more natural look. Just remember to wash out any product you put in your hair every other day because too much could weigh down your hair, making it appear limp and thinner.

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Get a haircut that works with your thick hair

If you have thick hair, you may be tempted to get it cut often to maintain its shape but that’s not the way to go because long hair can give it more volume. The same goes for color; if you’re getting your mane colored, don’t opt for a drastic new color or it could make your hair look thinner. Instead, go for a shade that compliments your skin tone and style so you’re able to stand out while appearing more confident in who you are as an individual.

Choose the right haircut for thick hair:

While longer cuts tend to give thick hair more volume, their length can be too much of a hassle for those who have to rush out the door in the mornings. The best way to go is by getting a classic haircut that compliments your features and lets you style it easily. For thick hair, we suggest getting long layers that are cut on an angle around your face and shoulders with a shorter length at the neckline. This allows you to keep most of your hair while making the layers visible. It’s also a good idea to get a texturizing shampoo and conditioner for thick hair that has more moisture.

The best type of hairstyle for thick hair is one that will allow you to flaunt your natural curls with ease while keeping them tamed so they don’t all look uniform. You can achieve this by getting layers that are cut on an angle along your face, ears, and the back of your head. This allows your curls to appear natural, making them look less uniform and enhancing their natural texture. It’s also a good idea to use products that will give you more shine but not weigh down your hair so it can keep its thickness neatly trimmed with flair.

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