How to Add Volume to Asian Male Hair

How to Add Volume to Asian Male Hair

Men with Asian hair often have a hard time adding volume to their hair. This is because of the shape and thickness of the strands, which are often straight or wavy rather than curly like other ethnicities.

In this post, we will explore how to add volume to Asian male hair by using traditional techniques, natural products, and some new innovative styling tools that help you achieve your desired look. We hope that after reading this article you can go out confidently and get what you want for yourself!

How to Add Volume to Asian Male Hair 2

1. Understand what hair type you have

There are four main types of Asian hair which can be found on this chart made by a Chinese stylist. This is very useful in determining what products to use and what styling tools will work best with your hair type!

Straight Asian Hair

Hair that is mostly straight with the occasional wave or bend. It’s straighter compared to other ethnicities and is usually at least 80% straight. It’s very easy to maintain and keep looking neat.

Wavy/Slightly Curly Asian Hair

Hair that has tight waves or loose curls which are less defined than the other types. The waves or curls go in more than one direction.

Curly/Coily Asian Hair

Hair that is Curly or coiled, tight curls that are less defined than the other types. The curls go in more than one direction and usually have “s” shapes. Usually very dry and hard to maintain.

2. Get a good haircut for your face shape

Your hair type can be changed, and you’ll get to that later but first, you need to determine the right haircut for your face shape.

Asian Face Shapes:

Oval Face Shape

Oval face cuts tend to be longer in the front than the back and may have a tapered style. It works well with all hair types but if you want something extra special then consider an inverted bob haircut.

Tapered Side Bangs are great for oval faces as it doesn’t take too much length away from the face which can make your face look rounder. With this hairstyle, there is no danger of looking too pudgy or too masculine because it’s still long enough on top to gain volume and achieve definition.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by the hair framing the face at the cheeks and chin, with most of it being on top. This allows for a more voluminous look compared to other face shapes.

If you have thick hair it’s great because you can style your hair as shiny or straighten it down with a flat iron to add some shine.

Round Face Shape

In order to balance out a round face shape, you want shorter sides and back combined with longer top portions (about 3-4 inches). The longer hairstyle adds volume while also balancing out the width of your jawline.

Square Face Shape

To balance out square face shapes, cut off the very little length (if any!) so that the hair on top still has volume. This will also soften the look of your jawline and cheekbones, making you look less masculine.

3. Get a haircut that will work with your natural hair texture

If your hair has a  wavy or curly texture then it’s best to choose styles that will make the most of what you’ve got! This includes: Choosing a cut that is longer on one side (you can part your hair in any way you’d like) Curls/Waves Cut Longer on One Side The best way to add volume on wavy or curly hair is to get a haircut that will accentuate the waves/curls.

You can do this by having your stylist cut longer strands on one side of the face, and shorter strands on the other side. This creates movement in your hair which is what you want if it’s naturally more wavy/curly. As you can see from the example, the hair on one side is longer than the other and VERY curly.

4. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner

If you have naturally straight Asian hair, you should wash your hair every 2 days to maintain volume. If you don’t wash your hair often then it will start to look oily and flat!

There are specialized volumizing shampoos for Asian men that include ingredients meant to add volume back into your hair. But all shampoos will work if you are looking for temporary volume. Just make sure that it’s a volumizing shampoo!

5. Use a volumizing product in the shower

Asian hair naturally lacks the right amount of volume, so it’s important that you complement your hairstyle with a volumizing product. The best products to use are mousse or hairspray.

The reason why these work better than other volumizing products is that they can be sprayed in easily while wet and will dry instantly. This allows you to lock in the volume without having to use a blow dryer.

Volumizing mousse is perfect for Asian hair because it creates volume by bonding with your hair’s cuticle. This allows the product to lift and separate your hair strand while holding its shape until you are ready to brush it out again. It also works great for all hair types, because it’s meant to be washed out later.

6. Blow dry your hair upside down and use a round brush

If you have straight Asian hair, this is the best way to create volume at the root of your hair. It’s pretty simple actually: blow dry your hair upside down until it’s completely dry and uses a round brush as you are drying it.

I would recommend using a pick/wide tooth comb in place of a brush to really get to the root of your hair.

Any kind of round brush will work, but I prefer using a blow dryer with a 2-inch Round Hair Brush.

7. Apply heat protection before using any hot tools on your locks

I am a big fan of heat protection. The main reason why I wear my hair short is that it’s easier to manage when using styling tools! When you use hot tools on your locks, it will break the bonds between the proteins in your hair that are responsible for holding the structure together (this allows you to have the crazy volume at the root).

So if there aren’t any bonds being formed/held together then there will be no structure or support, and your hair will flop over easily.

The best things to use as a heat protectant product (I recommend this ) or a thermal spray like Keratin Complex Heat Styling Spray. This helps prevent static by creating an electrical shield around each strand of your hair.

8. Use a sea salt spray

If you like having spikes of volume on top of your head then it’s important that you find a volumizing product or service that works!  For example, if you get a short haircut with tapered sides then use a mini dryer and sea salt spray to create some texture for more volume. Don’t forget that adding in textured looks will make any hairstyle look better, whether you have thick Asian hair or not!

A daily root boost is an excellent way to maintain your hairstyle all day long. You can apply sea salt spray before showering because it doesn’t strip away the oils from your scalp like regular shampoo.

The best product to add volume to Asian male hair

Boldify Hair Thickening Spray

If you’re looking for a good product to volumize and texturize your hair, the Boldify Hair Thickening Spray is perfect! It’s not as sticky once it is dry which I like. All in all, this shampoo lathered well when used with my long locks and didn’t leave any residue.

The directions say to shake before use but make sure to hold the cap down tightly, otherwise, you’ll have caustic fluid everywhere (I learned that firsthand).

The smell was really great too-It wasn’t heavy or too perfumed – very menswear-y. This spray also helps give medium length hair more volume that lasts all day without weighing my mane down. It’s lightweight yet has buildable strength.

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Beauty by Earth Sea Salt Spray for Hair

This Sea Salt Texturizing Spray creates beachy windswept styles and adds body to fine and thick hair with a nice, light hold. Infused with algae and sea salt to bring the beach with you everywhere you go.

The lightweight formula smells incredible, and it will give you the texture you desire with a bit of lift. If you’re looking for a versatile styling product with multiple benefits, you just might fall in love.

Beach waves style Because this beach spray is infused with organic Aloe, Green Tea, Algae, and Raspberry Fruit. No need to go to the beach to get those beautiful locks! Contains natural ingredients This texturing spray is made of vegan ingredients including aloe, green tea, algae, raspberry fruit, and sea salt.

It will leave your hair with just the right amount of body that you can’t get from other products. This product is great for anyone who wants to add texture to their locks without compromising on health and beauty.

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Arvazallia Heat Protectant Spray with Argan Oil

Professional Grade Heat Protectant that shields and protects your hair from damage caused by flat irons, curling irons, hairdryers, and other heat styling and drying tools.

Utilizes an Advanced Lightweight Two Layer Protection Technology that penetrates your hair follicles to repair existing hair damage while also preventing breakage and split ends.

Argan Oil infused formulation Moisturizes, Conditions, Transforms the texture of your hair leaving it with a Soft finish with a lasting Glimmering Shine. Contains highly effective Anti-frizz detangling agents to help eliminate tangles without flattening or damaging strands of the keratin in naturally curly thick wavy or fine straight hair. The patented Aluminum Free formula provides great hold for your style while softening your hair and reducing drying time.

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Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is the perfect styling tool that offers 3 heat settings with a cool option. For stylists on the go, this one’s got your back: it has an easy detachable oval brush design that provides smoothness and helps reduce hair damage by not snagging or pulling at strands while maximizing volume and body.

It also comes equipped with nylon pins for detangling, round edges to create volume + straightening abilities in just 45 seconds! The 2-speed settings offer you more control when drying or blow-drying your tresses. Not only does the extra-wide barrel help concentrates airflow on hard to dry sections of hair, but it also doubles as a handsfree & cordless styling tool. Once you’re done taming the mane, just pop in the on-the-go storage pouch and go out with your perfectly styled hair!

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer meet US safety requirements and feature ETL certification. It is designed for 120 volt USA outlets only. DO NOT use a voltage converter or adapter as it will damage the product.

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Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam

The Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam is a lightweight, aerated mousse (10.6 oz) formulated with Keratin Protein and Ceramides designed to provide flexible volume for fine, flat hair while retaining natural movement and lightweight waves without leaving the hair greasy or weighed down. The volume can be built gradually from medium (1/2 pump) to high (4-5 pumps).

This product works on all textures of hair types, but it is especially suited for those who have difficult styling problems like fine or limp strands. The foam also protects hairstyles from humidity and urban aggressors such as pollution which may lead to breakage in cuticles which will cause frizzy ends on your locks.

No products found.

Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner

The Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner is a premium hair product that moisturizes your locks while leaving them feeling silky, sleek, and healthy. The shampoo strengthens the hair strands for elasticity by restoring lost proteins with Elastin Protein and Caviar Complex. The conditioner also has an elastin protein system to strengthen the inner core of each strand, as well as rejuvenating other crucial essences like niacin proven to help rebuild collagen production in your skin.

Included in this premium set is a 24-hour moisture time release system that provides daily hydration and includes olive oil which helps restore shine while quenching dryness often found after blow-drying or curling your hair. No need to worry about any strong scents, as Nexxus has a tangerine/orange extract that isn’t overpowering and the formula is dye-free.

The shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair feeling healthy from root to tip along with a silky shine look similar to hair you get from a salon. The duo works together to restore strength while maintaining the optimal moisture levels in your locks. Since it comes with an 8 oz bottle of shampoo and an 8 oz bottle of conditioner, this set can last almost two months depending on use daily or every other day.

No products found.


In this blog post, we’ve gone over the best hair care products for Asian men to use in order to get voluminous and healthy-looking locks. We hope that you found these tips helpful! If not, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments below. Be sure to check back next week for more posts about haircare topics like thinning hair and how it can be prevented!

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