Do girls like boys with wavy hair?

This is a very serious question. Do girls like boys with wavy hair? I have wavy hair and I am attracted to girls who also have some sort of wave in their hair (ex. straight blond, redhead, black girl). I personally think that girls like guys with wavy/curly hair because it is boys like girls with straight hair? Are these stereotypes true? Maybe not!

According to a study, regardless of gender, people tend to perceive those with wavy and curly hair as more attractive than others. The findings suggest that all luscious locks are equal in the eyes of the beholder when it comes to attractiveness. This is surprising because straight, wavy, and curly hair has very different natural histories.


The lead researcher said: “Our findings show that in the absence of other information, such as when viewing faces in photographs, people who look more like they have this kind of hair are rated higher on attractiveness.” People with all these hairstyles may also share certain facial features associated with attractiveness, such as a rounded jawline or thick eyebrows.

Here are some hairstyles below to see which one you have:

Curly hair Straight hair Wavy hair

This is my opinion about wavy hair girls and straight hair guys: When it comes to liking people, looks aren’t everything! It’s the personality that draws us all in. If you have a great personality then it doesn’t matter what your hair is like!

You can do whatever you want with your hair. It’s just that some people think that guys look better with straight hair and girls look better with curly/wavy hairdos. This may be true because they will look at the face more if one has wavy/curly hair. So Wavy Guys you out there, be proud of your hair, because it attracts the girls.

This is me with curly hair!

But don’t worry, if you have straight hair then you can still get girls, as long as your personality rocks!

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