Coiled Hair Men: The Most Complete Guide

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Why is my hair coiled?

How can I get the best out of it?

Why are my ringlets different from those of my other friends?

Those are probably the questions that bother you most if you are one of the coiled hair men. Well, all the answers you seek are right here with us.

We will make you appreciate and treasure your hair as well as teach you a thing or two about how to steal the show with your curls everywhere you go, be our guest.

What Makes Your Hair Be Coiled?

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There are many theories and scientific arguments behind coiled hair men (and women too) that we needn’t dwell too much on.

But, because we know how curious your curls could have made you, we will give you the two most probable reasons why your hair is curled, they include genes and the shape of your hair fiber.

Hair follicles beneath your skin are the ones responsible for hair production all over your body, these follicles are either symmetrical or asymmetrical, the former produces straight hair while the latter produces curvy hair, now that’s where your DNA comes in: there is always a 95% chance for a baby to inherit their parents’ hair follicle type.

If you got asymmetrical follicles in your DNA, then your hair strands emerging from your skin are in an oval-like shape.

It is from those ovals that your hair they grow curly, scientific experiments have shown a rare possibility that symmetrical hair follicles can develop curly hair when clogged with EGFR inhibitors, this mostly happens with lung cancer patients so, based on your health condition, you can tell the cause of your hair curls.

here are also people who were not born with their hair genetically coiled but would like to have it curly either temporarily or permanently.

Having your hair straightened has to do directly with your ethnic race, Caucasian people are very rarely born with coiled hair, but on the other hand, the people of African American desires tend to be born with their hair coiled.

however, it does not mean that Caucasian people do not want to have their hair curly from time to time.

There are ways to get curly very easily, one of those is with some product like hair gel, also African-American people want to wear their hair even more curly sometimes.

One of the questions that some of the young African-American people ask themselves today is how to get curly hair black male, and that’s why we have done a whole article about that.

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The Different Types of Coiled Hair

The shape of different air ringlets varies depending on their curling intervals, Some coils at 3mm intervals while others grow up to 7cm before coiling, Others fall in between. We can categorize curly hair into three main types: kinky, curly, and wavy. Let’s elaborate further.

Kinky Male Hair:

If your hair forms coils after every 6mm or less, then your hair can be said to be kinky. Some curls are kinkier than others and will start curling from as short as 3mm, have you ever looked at Corbin Bleu’s hair? There you have it.

Curly Male Hair:

With this type, your hair appears to be straight until it’s between 6mm and 2.5cm long, somewhere within that range, the hair forms the first coil and continues to grow in that sequence, John Michael Turturro has the perfect example of such curls.

Wavy Male Hair:

This is the type of hair that grows to one or two inches long, sometimes three, before forming the first coil, the Kit Harrington’s (Jon Snow) type of hair coils.

How to Make Your Coiled Hair Look Stylish

A significant number of coiled hair men don’t understand how admirable their hair is and as such, they fail to take proper care of it, others are either lazy or contented with their unkempt curls, We pray and hope that you are not among them. Here are five tips that can make you the envy of everyone around you.

1- If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should comb it regularly to prevent it from becoming entangled and fracturing.

2- Use a blowdryer to get rid of frizz, this makes your hair curlier, voluminous, and healthier.

3- Apply sea salt spray and some matte paste- maybe twice a week or thrice in two weeks- to make the hair soft and sharp.

4- If your curls are too thick, razor out some of them, It will be easier to maintain them that way.

5- Instruct your barber to point-cut the curls’ edges, particularly if you have a square-shaped head.

6- Nourish and moisturize it regularly with a leave-in conditioner, In the same breath, it’s good to note that over-shampooing your curls leave them dehydrated and frizzy, Always remember to shampoo less and condition more.

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Whatever the cause of your hair coils is, one thing stands out: coiled hair men are admirably good-looking, to get the best look out of your curls, identify which
the type they are and then devote to managing them in the best way you can.



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